Holidays With An Eating Disorder

The guide offers strategies for supporting loved ones with eating disorders during the holidays, emphasizing empathy, avoiding triggering topics, and maintaining festive but non-food-centered traditions.

Provides tips for managing eating disorders during the holiday season, including planning with health professionals, setting clear intentions for meals, and prioritizing self-care amidst holiday pressures.

Discusses how the holiday season can exacerbate eating disorder challenges, offering advice on maintaining routines and setting boundaries to manage stress and social pressures.

Focuses on strategies for surviving the holidays with an eating disorder, highlighting the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and maintaining connections with supportive individuals.

Offers ten tips for tackling the holidays with an eating disorder, emphasizing realistic expectations, stress management, and maintaining a focus on self-care.

Provides coping strategies for dealing with eating disorders during holiday celebrations, focusing on meal planning and open communication with family to avoid stressful situations.

Guides individuals on managing an eating disorder while traveling, with tips on planning, communicating needs to companions, and adhering to routines to reduce stress.

Provides five tips to support a loved one with an eating disorder during Christmas, advising against diet-focused conversations and advocating for a supportive, judgment-free environment.

Lists useful contacts and resources for individuals seeking support with eating disorders or mental health issues during the Christmas season.

Offers tips specifically tailored for Easter, focusing on planning and communication to manage eating disorders in holiday settings.

Shares tips for planning holidays when a child has an eating disorder, including how to involve them in non-food-related activities and flexible meal planning.

Offers advice on navigating the holidays while in recovery from an eating disorder, emphasizing the need for structured support and self-compassion.

Provides strategies for avoiding binge eating during the holidays, focusing on moderation, setting limits, and maintaining healthy routines.