Eating Disorder Treatment in Bountiful Utah & Atlanta,Ga

Center for Change is renowned as a leading eating disorder treatment center, dedicated to assisting females struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders. They invite individuals to reach out and discover the supportive services they offer for recovery.

Mind & Strength in Bountiful, UT, features Misty Sorenson, CSW, a therapist specializing in eating disorders among adolescents and adults. They provide mental health therapy for a variety of conditions, including eating disorders, highlighting their commitment to supporting individuals through their recovery journey.

Feller Behavioral Health emphasizes the importance of treating eating disorders to prevent them from overtaking lives and leading to potentially fatal medical complications. Their approach underlines the critical need for professional intervention in addressing these serious health issues.

Within Health offers virtual online eating disorder treatment in Utah, providing clients with access to a dedicated team of therapists, nurses, registered dietitians, and psychiatrists. Their innovative approach ensures comprehensive support for individuals seeking help with eating disorders.

Ellie Mental Health in Bountiful, Utah, provides therapy for a range of conditions, including anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, and eating disorders. Their diverse specialties ensure tailored support for individuals dealing with various mental health challenges.

Tanner Clinic addresses behavioral health needs in Davis County, from their East Layton eating disorder clinic to innovative treatments like transcranial magnetic therapy. Their commitment to behavioral health extends through a variety of services designed to meet community needs.

LeafCrest Counseling, located in Bountiful, UT, specializes in treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, complex trauma, and faith transition. Their focus on a range of mental health issues underscores their expertise in providing comprehensive therapeutic support.

Larsen Family Dental in Bountiful, UT, discusses treatment and symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that can be influenced by factors such as eating habits and lifestyle choices. While not directly related to eating disorders, this information highlights the clinic’s commitment to overall health.

Healing Paths Recovery explores male body image issues, acknowledging the social pressures that can lead to eating disorders and body dissatisfaction among men. Their focus on this often-overlooked issue emphasizes the importance of seeking treatment for body image concerns.

Kayla Jessop Nutrition features dietitian nutritionists offering both in-person and virtual consultations, specializing in eating disorder treatment among children, adolescents, and young adults. Their expertise in nutritional support plays a vital role in comprehensive eating disorder treatment plans.

Center for Discovery hosts virtual and in-person eating disorder support groups, providing peer support as a complement to treatment. While not a substitute for professional therapy, these groups offer valuable community support for individuals navigating eating disorder recovery.

Best Within You is a boutique wellness psychology practice in Atlanta, specializing in therapy for eating disorders, anxiety, and more, emphasizing a holistic approach to mental health. This practice is designed for those who are unhappy with their body, feel that food or eating disrupts their ability to be fully present in life, spend too much time thinking about food or their body, are struggling with an eating disorder, or wish to improve their relationship with food or their body. The practice acknowledges the complexities of living in a food-centric culture and the challenges it poses for individuals with disordered eating patterns. By offering personalized therapy from psychologists and dietitians with expertise in this field, Best Within You aims to help clients feel better about their body, free themselves from obsessive thoughts about food and body image, overcome disordered eating behaviors, and make peace with food. The approach is not one-size-fits-all but tailored to meet individual needs, focusing not just on food but on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s life and challenges. Best Within You Therapy & Wellness highlights the commonality of eating disorders and the effectiveness of specialized therapy in achieving recovery, emphasizing their dedication to helping clients through their experienced and specialized team.