What Is The Best Word Count For Seo?

The AIOSEO article emphasizes that word count isn’t a ranking factor; quality content is key. Focus on clarity, relevance, and user experience over specific word counts.

Parse.ly suggests varying word count by content type: 2,100-2,400 words for blog posts, 1,250-3,000 for whitepapers, and 300-500 for web pages, prioritizing quality.

Vertical Leap highlights that word count indirectly affects SEO by improving engagement and keyword use, but content quality and relevance are more important.

ClickSlice advises balancing word count and content quality, recommending 300 words for product pages and 500-1,000 for blog articles, emphasizing valuable content.

Captain Words discusses that longer articles often perform better, but the focus should be on comprehensive, engaging content tailored to audience needs.

5MinutesSEO emphasizes quality over quantity, suggesting 500 words for landing pages, 300 for product pages, and 2,000 for educational content, avoiding filler.

SEO Copywriting suggests analyzing competitors and focusing on quality content that meets user intent, rather than adhering to a specific word count.

Flying V Group concludes that while longer content can improve SEO, quality and relevance are more important than length.

SEO.co advises that homepages should provide sufficient value without overwhelming users, focusing on clarity and relevance over specific word counts.

Writing Cooperative recommends 1,500-2,500 words for in-depth articles, stressing that quality, relevance, and user engagement are crucial.

SheKnowsSEO suggests 1,500-2,500 words for blog posts, emphasizing user engagement, relevance, and thorough topic coverage for SEO.

SEO Vendor explains that longer content tends to rank better due to thorough coverage and keyword opportunities, focusing on valuable, engaging content.

OnCrawl concludes that while longer content can perform better, quality and user satisfaction are more important than word count.

Tabtimize recommends 1,000-2,500 words for comprehensive coverage, emphasizing quality, relevance, and meeting user intent for SEO success.

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