Atlanta Eating Disorder Treatment

Clementine Program offers specialized eating disorder recovery programs tailored for adolescents and teens, making it a top choice in the nation for this demographic. Their approach is centered on addressing the unique needs of younger individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Monte Nido and Affiliates provide residential and intensive outpatient treatment for eating disorders and exercise addiction across various states including CA, OR, NY, MA, and PA. Their programs are designed to support individuals through every step of their recovery journey.

Veritas Collaborative delivers compassionate and evidence-based eating disorder treatment across the Southeast U.S. They focus on creating a supportive environment that encourages recovery and well-being.

Eating Disorder Hope is an online resource offering information and support for individuals dealing with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. They provide access to counseling, treatment options, and recovery resources.

Center for Discovery has over 20 years of experience in developing leading eating disorder treatment programs nationwide. They are committed to helping individuals take the first steps towards recovery.

The Renfrew Center offers a path to recovery for individuals facing any specific eating disorder or co-occurring challenge. They provide a comprehensive range of treatment options tailored to meet individual needs.

The Emily Program stands out as a national leader in eating disorder treatment, offering personalized care for a lifetime of recovery. They focus on raising awareness and providing treatment for various eating disorders.

ED Treatment Review is a unique platform where individuals can read and write reviews about eating disorder treatment centers, offering firsthand insights and answers from those who have experienced the services.

Restoration Counseling in Atlanta offers Christian counseling services for a range of issues including marriages, family conflicts, addictions, and more, with a focus on healing and recovery.

Key Counseling in Atlanta specializes in assisting individuals with narcissistic relationships, non-traditional family issues, grief, and life transitions, providing targeted support in these areas.

Eating Recovery Center has helped over 20,000 patients and their families overcome eating disorders with their comprehensive treatment programs. They are dedicated to providing effective recovery solutions.

Luxury Rehabs evaluates treatment centers based on luxury criteria, offering a curated list of the best rehabs worldwide, tailored for those seeking premium treatment options.

Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta offer expert treatment for OCD and anxiety with evidence-based interventions suitable for all ages, focusing on specialized care for these conditions.

Atlanta Therapist Buckhead prioritizes quality care, offering counseling services for anxiety, couples counseling, trauma, and more, ensuring personalized support for various mental health needs.

ED Referral provides a comprehensive directory of top-rated treatment centers for eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, aimed at facilitating access to help.

Atlanta Specialized Care offers a range of therapy services including individual, group, couples, and family therapy for adults, children, and adolescents, focusing on personalized care.

Best Within You is a boutique wellness psychology practice in Atlanta, specializing in therapy for eating disorders, anxiety, and more, emphasizing a holistic approach to mental health. This practice is designed for those who are unhappy with their body, feel that food or eating disrupts their ability to be fully present in life, spend too much time thinking about food or their body, are struggling with an eating disorder, or wish to improve their relationship with food or their body. The practice acknowledges the complexities of living in a food-centric culture and the challenges it poses for individuals with disordered eating patterns. By offering personalized therapy from psychologists and dietitians with expertise in this field, Best Within You aims to help clients feel better about their body, free themselves from obsessive thoughts about food and body image, overcome disordered eating behaviors, and make peace with food. The approach is not one-size-fits-all but tailored to meet individual needs, focusing not just on food but on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s life and challenges. Best Within You Therapy & Wellness highlights the commonality of eating disorders and the effectiveness of specialized therapy in achieving recovery, emphasizing their dedication to helping clients through their experienced and specialized team.

Walden Behavioral Care supports individuals of all ages with various types of eating disorders at all levels of care, with locations in MA, CT, and GA, focusing on comprehensive treatment.

Atlanta iaedp promotes ethical standards and professional development in the eating disorder field within the metro Atlanta area through education and awareness activities among treatment professionals.