Plastic Injection Molding Santa Rosa

Seaway Plastics Engineering, with a facility in Santa Rosa, showcases its expertise in clean environment room molding, assembly, and packing equipment. Specializing in insert and over-molding, Wright Engineered Plastics, now part of Seaway, enhances the company’s capabilities, making it an ideal choice for precision engineering and manufacturing needs.

Seaway Plastics Engineering is an ISO 13485 certified injection molding company with facilities in Santa Rosa, California, and St. Paul, Minnesota. The certification across all locations underscores Seaway’s commitment to safe, reliable manufacturing and handling of medical devices and components.

TOHO Precision Molds Philippines, Inc., located in Santa Rosa, offers career opportunities in the precision mold industry. With a focus on candidates with CAD/CAM experience and a background in plastic injection molding, TOHO aims to enhance its team and capabilities in the region.

Wright Engineered Plastics, a part of Seaway Plastics Engineering and located in Santa Rosa, California, is highlighted for its exceptional services in custom plastic injection molding and assembly. This facility is known for its advanced technology and commitment to quality, serving various industries with custom solutions.

Laser Focus World discusses the advancement and precision of polymer optics, including injection-molded components such as imaging lenses. This article highlights the growing demand for high-quality, precision-engineered plastic optics in industries such as imaging and laser technology.

SMC Ltd. is a global contract manufacturer focusing solely on medical devices, offering services from single use to disposable devices. SMC’s dedication to medical manufacturing ensures the highest standards of quality and safety in the production of medical components and devices.

Kartesis Industries explores plastic injection and overmolding of turned parts, emphasizing the addition of plastic injection and overmolding services to its capabilities. This expansion allows Kartesis to offer comprehensive solutions, including molding-overmolding and secondary operations, enhancing its product offerings.

SPF Groups, based in Byron, Georgia, simplifies the plastic injection molding process for both contract and custom molding needs, ensuring excellent quality and service. Their large tonnage machines, ranging from 300 to 1800 tons, cater to a wide variety of custom molding requirements. Positioned near Interstate 75, SPF offers convenient access for customers throughout the Southeast and beyond, including international shipping via container freight.

Their plastic injection molding capabilities are comprehensive, featuring clamp sizes from 300-ton to 1800-ton, an on-site tool repair shop, daily QC programs, and more. SPF’s approach is characterized by a straightforward, low overhead manufacturing process that values the balance of people, process, and purpose. This ethos has proven effective in retaining contract molding customers year after year.

SPF Groups is committed to providing dedicated customer service, ensuring full transparency and responsiveness. Their services are often more cost-effective than in-house molding, making them a preferred partner for companies in need of reliable injection molding services. With expertise in producing a broad range of plastic parts and components for various industries, SPF Groups offers a proven technology for manufacturing with exacting tolerances, emphasizing their solution-oriented approach to meet industry challenges such as outsourcing, innovation, and cost reduction.