How Long Does a Discharge Upgrade Take?

Here’s a look at the eight types of military discharges. If you don’t see your type of discharge listed, be aware that some branches of the military use terms unique to that service, whether formally or informally. You may want to contact a lawyer for help identifying your discharge type and whether you could be eligible for an upgrade.

Military Law’s article details the variable timeline of a military discharge upgrade process, which can range from several months to over a year, dependent on the complexity of the case and the specific circumstances involved.

National Security Law Firm outlines that most military discharge upgrade cases take several months to two years, emphasizing the lengthy nature of the process and the factors that contribute to the duration.

Greenville Disability Lawyer explains that the discharge upgrade process usually takes months to complete, offering a generalized timeframe while noting that each case varies significantly based on its specifics.

Veterans Law Help highlights the extensive preparation involved in upgrading a military discharge, including gathering evidence and awaiting board review, which contributes to a prolonged process.

Military Justice Attorneys describe the lengthy wait times for discharge review boards, which can extend up to 18 months due to the high volume of applications they process annually.

Younts Law provides an overview of the discharge upgrade process, including the potential duration ranging from six months to two years, and discusses the importance of upgrading for eligibility reasons.

Court Martial’s website explains the roles and possibilities of Discharge Review Boards, including how to apply for a discharge upgrade and the extensive timeframe involved.

Minneapolis Attorney Brian Schenk outlines the discharge upgrade process facilitated by Discharge Review Boards, emphasizing the procedural and evidential requirements needed to successfully appeal a discharge.

Kral Military Defense provides detailed guidance on the timeframe for appealing a military discharge, which includes necessary documentation and strategic considerations for the upgrade process.

Vet Law Office discusses the steps a veteran needs to take to achieve a discharge upgrade, focusing on the eligibility criteria and the strategic preparation required for a successful application.