Plastic Injection Molding Miami

Create Custom Molds specializes in producing custom designs tailored to each unique brand, focusing on FDA-approved, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% BPA-Free pure platinum silicone molds. They stand out for their quick turnaround and shipping, offering molds that are non-stick, flexible, pliable, and durable, suitable for microwave, freezer, and oven use. Their products are designed to pass the pinch test and are cold and heat resistant from -104° to 446°F. With LFGB approval, Create Custom Molds guarantees European safety standards. The company prides itself on a collaborative design process, ensuring customer satisfaction by working closely from brainstorming to the final build, using food-safe materials for mold creation.

Architectural Moulding & Millworks, Inc, based in Miami, is a family-owned business renowned for its dedication to providing quality service in the domain of architectural enhancements. They specialize in baseboard and crown molding, interior custom doors, columns, and a wide array of mouldings and hardware. Emphasizing hard work, dedication, and superior customer service, the company has experienced booming growth, largely fueled by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. Their extensive product line, including everything from architectural columns to frame mouldings, is designed to meet all decorative needs. Architectural Moulding & Millworks stands as a testament to the art of architectural embellishments, promising the highest quality in mouldings, columns, and architectural products.

National Molding is a global leader in precision-engineered plastic components, celebrated for its role in the injection molding segment for precision parts. With a presence in the U.S., Canada, and China, the company leverages cutting-edge technology and proprietary processes to offer the highest quality, cost-effective plastic molding solutions worldwide. Their services cater to a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, commercial, and tactical body armor systems, underscoring their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. National Molding’s capabilities span precision injection molding, medical product molding, metal to plastic conversions, and more, all while adhering to strict quality and inspection standards. Their dedication to exceeding customer expectations has established them as a trusted partner for global programs, providing exceptional growth and financial value to stakeholders.

Molds Unlimited, based in Hialeah, FL, is a prominent provider of new and used molds, as well as new and used machinery for the plastic molding industry. They offer a diverse range of products, including blow molds, injection molds, and machinery tailored for specific molding processes. Highlighting their commitment to the industry, Molds Unlimited features a selection of featured products such as the NESTAL S 3500-2150 Synergy injection machine, and various molds for buckets, bottles, stools, and shopping carts. Their business philosophy centers on providing quality products alongside opportunities for businesses to acquire top-of-the-line machinery and molds at competitive prices. Molds Unlimited also emphasizes customer satisfaction through offering weekly specials and partnering with clients to secure the best deals, making them a go-to source for companies in the plastic molding sector.

Master Tool Company, established in Miami Lakes, FL since 1958, has built a reputation for its expertise in plastic injection molding and custom extrusion. With a strong emphasis on manufacturing polymers through injection molding and extrusion processes, Master Tool Company handles a wide range of materials, including ABS, Nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene, acrylics, HDPE/LDPE, polystyrene, and more. They are known for their ability to meet special application needs through family molding, custom molding, insert molding, secondary operations, and prototyping. Quotations can be provided from prints, sample parts, or 3D files, demonstrating their commitment to flexibility and customer service. Master Tool Company’s e-commerce platform now allows for easy access to their products, further enhancing their service delivery with options like free shipping on orders over $500.

National Molds & Components Corporation, established in 1986 and located in Miami, FL, is a family-owned and operated company serving the Plastic Injection Molding and Die Casting Industry for over 20 years. They pride themselves on a history of providing a wide range of services and products, including molds & dies, components, tools & equipment, measuring instruments, polishing & finishing supplies, heating elements, and more. Over the years, National Molds & Components Corp. has expanded its product distribution line, aiming to become the number one supplier for standard and special items in the industry. The company invites customers to visit their Miami store for personalized assistance, reflecting their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

M&M Plastics, a professional custom molding specialist located in Miami, FL, is dedicated to delivering superior quality and efficient service at economical prices. The company manufactures precision custom and ‘family’ injection molded plastic parts for a wide range of industries, upholding an outstanding reputation locally and nationwide. M&M Plastics is committed to developing a close working partnership with its customers, ensuring the highest quality products are delivered on time and at competitive prices. Their expert team offers first-class service through innovative design and manufacturing techniques, along with custom tooling to meet exact standards. M&M specializes in a variety of products for industries including window, door and screen, lamp shades, plastic storage systems, electronics, automotive, household appliances, health and beauty aids, and merchandise security, using engineering grade and general purpose type resin. They emphasize the importance of each order, providing unparalleled service regardless of size, and invite inquiries for items not found in their catalog, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

SPF Groups, based in Byron, Georgia, simplifies the plastic injection molding process for both contract and custom molding needs, ensuring excellent quality and service. Their large tonnage machines, ranging from 300 to 1800 tons, cater to a wide variety of custom molding requirements. Positioned near Interstate 75, SPF offers convenient access for customers throughout the Southeast and beyond, including international shipping via container freight.

Their plastic injection molding capabilities are comprehensive, featuring clamp sizes from 300-ton to 1800-ton, an on-site tool repair shop, daily QC programs, and more. SPF’s approach is characterized by a straightforward, low overhead manufacturing process that values the balance of people, process, and purpose. This ethos has proven effective in retaining contract molding customers year after year.

SPF Groups is committed to providing dedicated customer service, ensuring full transparency and responsiveness. Their services are often more cost-effective than in-house molding, making them a preferred partner for companies in need of reliable injection molding services. With expertise in producing a broad range of plastic parts and components for various industries, SPF Groups offers a proven technology for manufacturing with exacting tolerances, emphasizing their solution-oriented approach to meet industry challenges such as outsourcing, innovation, and cost reduction.