Psychologists in Atlanta – Finding A Therapist In Atlanta

Best Within You Therapy & Wellness is a boutique psychology practice with Atlanta psychologists specializing in wellness. Our highly trained psychologists provide individualized therapy approaches tailored to your goals and strengths. We take into account your history, what you’re wanting from therapy, and what works best for you to provide PERSONALIZED care. If you are struggling with your eating or an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, sleep, trauma, relationships, pain, or body image Best Within You Therapy & Wellness is here to help.

We know it can feel incredibly hard to find a therapist in Atlanta. We have heard countless times of therapists not getting back to clients. It is our priority from the moment you reach out to us to be responsive and treat you with compassionate and world class care. We will get back to you within 24 business hours and most times are able to get back the same day or even within hours. We will make sure to answer any questions that you have and make sure you know you have support from the first call or email to our practice.

We have helped many people who had been struggling with their eating for years who also felt there was not much hope to make a change. There are many research studies that also show that therapy can be incredibly helpful for an eating disorder. According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, psychotherapy can treat many eating disorders effectively. In addition to having psychologists that are experts in eating concerns, we have a dietitian nutritionist on our team that we are able to collaborate with.

No matter if anxiety is new or all too familiar, anxiety therapy can help. Therapy is an research supported and effective treatment to help with anxiety. Best Within You therapists have years of experience working with clients with anxiety in Atlanta, GA and throughout the US.

Our psychologists work with many different kinds of athletes. Some examples include: professional basketball players, runners, college soccer players, dancers, high school baseball players, and more.

Best Within You Therapy & Wellness