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Joseph Jordan, Attorney at Law, is based out of the Fort Hood and Killeen, Texas area. He is an accomplished, experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ. He believes in and seeks out Justice for Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen and Marines worldwide.

Mrs. Carnahan served in the United States Army for seven years as a paralegal. During this time, she aided lawyers and provided legal guidance to commanders regarding all levels of military justice. Today, she uses her in-depth experience and insight to provide clients at our firm with the successful legal defense that they need.

Ms. Vancil comes to the Joseph Jordan UCMJ Law Group with a Military Mom’s perspective. Her children have served in the Military for 10 years. Her insights bring a balanced understanding of the trials and tribulations that occur during your military career. She is a calming presence to all of our potential clients, and she assists Mrs. Carnahan and Mr. Jordan in case development.

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Philip D. Cave

I have extensive experience as a prosecutor, defense counsel, appellate advocate, and legal advisor in military cases. I have served tours of duty in the U.S., Gulf-I, in USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67), and overseas in Spain, Portugal, and Bahrain. While on active duty I also gained experience as a member of the Navy Clemency & Parole Board, the Joint Service Committee on Military Justice, and in regulatory and legislative matters.

Over the next 20 years I served as a Navy judge advocate in various military justice related assignments: twice as a defense counsel, twice as a trial counsel (prosecutor), three times as a staff judge advocate (command legal advisor), and as an appeals lawyer. For my last few years of active duty I served in the Navy office responsible Military Justice (legislation, regulation, policy) matters, as well as sitting as a member of the Naval Clemency & Parole Board.

I have broad experience in courts-martial ranging from simple AWOL/UA cases to complicated murder, sex assault, and national security cases. Most of my trial cases are contested members (jury); that is when I have not been able to divert them for trial. Over the years I have tried hundreds of contested cases, and have been involved in thousands of cases from the simple AR 15-6 type investigation to significant adverse administrative actions.

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The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, represents current and retired members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and their families in a wide variety of military defense matters. Our Practice Areas:

Courts-martial. We can represent you during your Article 32 investigation and in all other preliminary and subsequent proceedings related to general courts-martial, special courts-martial and summary courts-martial.

Court-martial appeals. We defend military clients accused of crimes and represent them in appeals to higher courts. Retain our services, and we can seek to overturn your conviction or reduce your sentence.

Corrections of military records/discharge upgrades. If there is a mistake or injustice in your military record or discharge, we can pursue the administrative remedy necessary to correct your record.

ROTC disenrollments. We represent ROTC and Academy cadets across the country who have been disenrolled or face disenrollment. Hire us, and we can represent you at any applicable hearings and seek to prevent your disenrollment or to reinstate your enrollment.

Administrative discharge hearings. If you are being administratively separated from the military for any reason, we can work to restore your service or secure your separation with an honorable or general discharge.

Security clearances defense/reinstatements. We help military and civilian employees of the U.S. Department of Defense to retain or reinstate their security clearances. We represent clients at the Personnel Security Appeal Board (PSAB) hearings that form the basis for the PSAB’s clearance decisions.
Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) reviews and recommendations. We represent actively serving and former military members who believe they received incorrect determinations from a PEB. We help them prove their true physical and mental conditions for admittance to the military, military promotions, eligibility for long-term disability benefits and other needs.

IG/military command investigations. We represent military members who are subject to potentially career-ending Inspector General (IG) investigations. We do this with the goal of protecting our clients’ service records and to shield them from adverse consequences.
Personal injury and privacy claims against the government. We represent current and former service members and their families who have been injured or killed as a result of medical malpractice or military negligence in non-combat activities. We also represent those who have been damaged as a result of violations of their personal privacy laws.

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The Carlson Law Firm is committed to representing military members facing criminal charges, UCMJ violations, and other administrative penalties. A military criminal defense attorney from our firm can represent clients from all branches of the armed forces throughout Texas and across the nation. Because the military criminal justice system is very different from the civilian criminal court process, it is crucial to work with lawyers who have the knowledge and resources to handle these cases. Our legal team has decades of experience protecting the rights, ranks, and future of military members – and a Military Criminal Defense Attorney from The Carlson Law Firm is prepared to fight for you.

The Carlson Law Firm handles the following military criminal cases:

Article 15 Defense
Court Martial Defense
Military Separation Board

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Civilian court-martial defense lawyers Richard V. Stevens and Frank J. Spinner are former active duty military JAG attorneys, each having served as senior level military defense lawyers. As civilian defense attorneys, they established their respective military defense law offices because, as former military officers, they care deeply about protecting and defending the rights of military members and their families, and ensuring they are treated with fairness and respect in the military justice system.

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Adverse administrative actions can obliterate an otherwise successful and honorable military career and lead to involuntary separation from the service. Whether faced with an administrative separation board; a show cause hearing (Board of Inquiry); adverse evaluation, fitness report, or performance report, an Article 15 nonjudicial punishment (NJP/office hours/Mast/Article 15), a security clearance denial or revocation, or a Relief for Cause, it is important to take those actions seriously and quickly and seek legal advice. We can help you respond to any corrective action and fight for the preservation of your military career and reputation.

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We are former JAGs defending Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard servicemen and women worldwide
When a military investigation or court-martial begins, nobody on the government side presumes you’re innocent. They assume you did it and all they need to do now is collect the evidence to prove it. The military has unlimited financial resources, but when it comes to funding, appointed (free) military attorneys are a very low priority. The prosecution has an entire staff of investigators and military police, but the defense has none. The prosecution also has numerous attorneys to handle a heavy case load, but the appointed defense attorney office typically has only one or two, and the appointed military attorney is required to perform the same military, non-law duties as every other officer.

It’s not an even playing field. That’s why you need attorneys who have developed the art of winning unfair battles. We have proven again and again that the government can be beaten.

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He is an accomplished, experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ. UCMJ Attorney Jordan served as an Army prosecutor in Korea and Fort Hood. If you are a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Coast Guardsman, you can trust your case to Attorney Jordan!