Family Law Attorneys in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Magnolia Family Law Firm: Specializes in child custody and visitation in Baton Rouge, offering compassionate legal representation to protect your rights and your child’s best interests. They focus on providing personalized and effective legal solutions.

MFB Firm: Offers a wide range of legal services, including Oil and Gas, Insurance Defense, Title Solutions, and Family Law. They are committed to providing experienced legal support in Baton Rouge.

Leger Law Group, LLC: Provides dedicated counsel for estate planning and family law matters in Baton Rouge. They emphasize compassionate support and personalized legal strategies for their clients.

Losavio & DeJean: Their mission includes helping clients live securely and independently, focusing on elder law and supporting clients throughout their lives in Baton Rouge.

Ossie Brown: Specializes in family law, including divorce and child custody proceedings in Baton Rouge, advocating for your rights and offering crucial legal support.

Russell Law Firm, LLC: Provides comprehensive family law services in Baton Rouge, CA, with experienced lawyers who have helped many clients with their family law cases.

J Arthur Smith: Offers compassionate and skilled family law attorneys in Baton Rouge, LA, ready to provide support and legal expertise for family matters.

Dean Esposito Attorney at Law: Specializes in family and personal injury law in Baton Rouge, LA, offering services for divorce and child custody cases.

Keith Friley, Attorney at Law: With 30 years of experience, Keith Friley provides legal assistance for family law problems near Baton Rouge, focusing on divorce and family law issues.

Haney Law Firm: Offers affordable representation for family law in Baton Rouge, emphasizing the accessibility of legal services for divorce, child custody, and more.

MLH Law: Focuses on father’s rights in Baton Rouge, LA, offering specialized legal support to help you with your case.

Cosenza Law Firm: Dedicated to helping individuals and families in Baton Rouge with Divorce and Family Law cases, ensuring personalized and effective legal assistance.

Mayeux Law: Provides expert family law attorneys in Baton Rouge, LA, offering clear and supportive solutions for intricate family matters.

The Louisiana Family Law Firm: A reliable firm in Louisiana offering experienced attorneys to protect your interests in family law matters.

Rozas Law Firm: If facing a complicated divorce or custody battle in Louisiana, they provide expert family law attorneys to fight for your rights.