Hypnotist In NYC – Self Empowered Minds

Self Empowered Minds, located in New York City, offers a holistic approach to wellness and personal empowerment. Founded by Saba Hocek, the center provides a range of services aimed at helping individuals achieve balance, health, and fulfillment. Services include Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Reiki, Meditation, Intuitive Readings, Strategy Counseling, and Group Classes, all designed to support mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Saba Hocek’s personal journey of overcoming educational and emotional challenges as a result of frequent relocations during her childhood fueled her passion to help others discover their inner power and potential. Her background in software development, particularly in creating applications for the blind and visually impaired, further honed her understanding of the connection between technology, the human mind, and healing. This unique blend of experiences led her to pursue certifications in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Biofeedback, EMDR, Access Consciousness, and Reiki, making her a well-rounded practitioner with a deep commitment to empowering others.

Self Empowered Minds stands out for its comprehensive approach to wellness, offering not just hypnotherapy but also a variety of complementary practices to address a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, confidence, weight loss, sleep disorders, and more. The center’s holistic approach extends to offering fitness programs, nutritional consultations, and intuitive readings, ensuring a tailored and integrated wellness plan for each client.

The center’s mission is to empower individuals to live life to their fullest potential by unlocking their inner greatness. Through the SEM technique, which combines hypnosis, biofeedback, reiki, and intuition, clients are guided to release deep-seated negative beliefs and achieve a state of relaxation, focus, and clarity. This transformative process allows individuals to experience success, happiness, and an improved quality of life on a daily basis.

For those seeking to transform their lives, Self Empowered Minds provides a supportive and nurturing environment where healing and personal growth are prioritized. Whether in-person at their Upper Eastside location or remotely, Saba Hocek and her team are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and live empowered lives.