Hypnotist In NYC – Self Empowered Minds

Turn your worry, anxiety, and fears into confidence, inner balance and peace of mind. Through Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Reiki you live the life you desire. For deeper clarity and more engrained changes, consider some of the services we offer: With Reiki, the practitioner is channeling energy to rebalance the energy in your body.  This puts a person in the state of “flow” internally.  Hypnosis is an extremely powerful way to slow down our racing thoughts and bring clarity. 


With Multi-Modality-Hypnosis, longer processes such as Age Regression, Dream Awakening and Past Life Regression may be incorporated in addition to EMDR, Access Consciousness, SAF and Handwriting Analysis. Saba Hocek provides Hypnotist In NYC. Train your mind and learn how to use it to reach your goal.