Yixiang (Shenzhen) Craft Products Co., Ltd. | Guangdong, China

Main Products: Badge, MEDALS, medal, brooch, nameplate


Yixiang(Shenzhen) Craft Products Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal products; It is a company that integrates professional design and senior technical management personnel to develop manufacturing and sales.There are more than 200 employees. Has 5 fine carving number control grinding machine, specially prepared for grinding carving. Zinc alloy die-cast two; Specially for the production of zinc alloy products required by customers. Eight punch beds; Three presses; Specializing in various types of copper; Production equipment for iron craft badges. Corrosion bite plate machine 2 sets, specially prepared for thin sheet process. Three presses are specially prepared for the production of pure gold silver commemorative coins.Since my company was founded, in the “quality, Seiko, integrity” as the purpose; Strict requirements; Continuous innovation to meet customers ‘needs; Be praised and trusted by customers. According to business requirements and world trends; We introduce the world’s most advanced technology for making coins. Long-term cooperation with major international companies such as Guizhou Maotai Group, Coca-Cola, Kangbaolai, Pepsi, Anli Disney China Heavy Industry, China Eastern Airlines, Mengniu Group, China Telecom, China Agricultural Bank Henan Agricultural University, Peking University, Peking University, China Construction Bank, etc.. Gift manufacturers.The company mainly produces the following products: various electrical metal marks, furniture marks, hardware accessories, fashion pendant, brooch etching fine, metal model badge, medal, medal, medal, shield, commemorative plate, school badge, badge, key clasp, bottle opener, Letter opener, tie clip, belt buckle, cufflink, golf fork, bag logo, bookmark, work number plate, costume logo, leather shoe logo, craft is divided into: baking paint, drip glue(glass), printing(printing, silk hot transfer), hard enamel, soft Enamels, corrosion, spray, sandblasting, electroplating and other processes! Widely use the company’s advertising, product promotion, opening, festival ceremony, promotion, decoration and so on. It is a good advertising gift, promotional gift, gift, jewelry. Its product specifications, variety of styles, cheap, fast delivery.Is a number of advertising gift companies and trading companies preferred partners, I warmly welcome you to sample, to map processing!

Yixiang (Shenzhen) Craft Products Co., Ltd.

Guangdong, China