Windsor Academy Macon, GA

Twenty-eight acres of land were purchased from the C.B. Skipper estate, and groundbreaking ceremonies took place on April 30, 1970. Senator Oliver Bateman was the key speaker, and State Representatives Marshall F. Keen and Homer M Scarborough Jr. also addressed the group. The Board of Directors consisted of Chairman Horace Vandiver, Mr. H. Reginald Broxton, Mr. Frank Cheek, Mrs. W.M. Grace, Mr. H. Wyatt Hammock Jr., Mr. Walter Hammond, Mrs. Sanders Johnston, Mr. Charles McGuire, Mr. Sam Rabun, Mr. O.W. Stokes, and long-time bookkeeper Mr. Walter Thames. Consulting an old English encyclopedia, the original founders finally agreed that the most fitting title was “Windsor,” meaning “importance, grandeur, or the very best.” The group also agreed to uphold the following pledge: “Gain not loss; Good not evil; Success not failure.”

Established as a private Christian, non-profit school in 1970. The purpose of the school is to provide Christian education with high academic, cultural, scientific and spiritual standards.

4150 Jones Rd Macon, GA 31216

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