Welding Coolers Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

Griffin Heat Shield Company’s Super Hand Cooler is truly the best hand/arm protector on the market today. It can be used in all types of welding applications such as: GMAW (Mig) welding, flux core welding, SMAW (stick) welding, heli-arc welding, plasma arc burning and oxy-fuel burning. In 1995 the “Griffin” heat shield or backhand pad was the first completely reversible heat shield on the market. Our product is lightweight and pliable, providing the welder maximum comfort and flexibility.


Southern Heat Exchanger, a SHECO Industries company, has been building and designing exchangers for a variety of markets since 1961. Whether your needs include high-alloy metallurgy and detailed specifications or if you are after rapid production with a dependable design, SHECO has the experience to deliver quality products when you need it. With manufacturing facilities in Houston and Tuscaloosa, our dedicated sales team will find the right fit for your company while providing the best customer service. If you have a complex job that needs to be done in the field, SHECO is ready to help. We offer a broad range of services, such as field retubes, weld repairs, tube plugging / pulling, field machining and more. The people we send are the experts when it comes to shell & tube heat exchangers.


Worldwide Air Coolers, a SHECO Industries company, has been supplying air cooled heat exchangers to customers across the globe in the natural gas processing, petrochemical, oil and gas refining, and other industries since 1995. As with our shell and tube heat exchangers, our air cooled heat exchangers are industrial grade equipment engineered to withstand the harshest, most demanding of operating and environmental conditions. Discover the difference an engineered product can make.


Spot Weld Inc. offers new and remanufactured welding equipment, as well as all of your resistance welding supply needs. We sell spot welders, projection welders, rocker arm welders, butt welders, seam welders, bench welders, gun welders, 3 phase welders, miniature and micro welders, special application machines, tooling and special fixturing. We also offer a full line of consumables including electrodes, caps, shanks, and holders. In addition we offer weld controls, chillers, coolers and other peripheral equipment.


Keep your welding projects on track and on budget with the extensive range of welding and torch equipment at Weldfabulous. Whether you require a portable welder at home or a heavy-duty cutting torch for industrial use, you’re sure to find all you need in our inventory of top-brand welding products from CK Worldwide, Milller, Thermal Dynamics, Victor Equipment, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric and ESAB.