Welding Controls Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

ENTRON Controls, LLC, B.F. ENTRON LTD., and ENTRON de México S.A. de C.V., comprise ENTRON Controls Group, manufacturers of AC, DC and MFDC resistance welding controls. Founded in the early 1970’s, ENTRON Controls has supplied a full line of microprocessor-based solid state welding controls for automotive, appliance, consumer, electrical and industrial applications. In 2002, ENTRON acquired the British Federal Electronics Division in Dudley, England, U.K., and formed BF Entron, Ltd., who had a long history of having integrated AC constant current, MFDC and large DC inverters into automotive manufacturers such as Chrysler, Ford, GM, Jaguar, BMW/Mini and their global Tier 1 suppliers.


We are your resistance welding control experts. In addition we have combed the world to offer the finest spot welding solutions to make you more productive. Each one of our solutions is covered and backed by RWC right here in north America. If you only want to upgrade or replace your spot welding control, we can help you with cost effective solutions. If you need more process control in order to produce defect free welds, we can help with that too!


AMET® is an international company with 30 years of experience developing, producing, and supporting automated welding systems. Our proven systems have been a part of manufacturing critical components for many industries throughout the world. Our focus has been to provide completely integrated welding systems, combining precision controls, process equipment, and weld fixtures, all programmed and controlled via a single controller. To achieve our desired level of integration with all the necessary process equipment, AMET® designs and produces its own control hardware and software. We introduced the use of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology to welding controls and continue to utilize the latest controls technology to provide our customers with advanced, fully integrated solutions to achieve their welding requirements and project demands.


An American manufacturer of engineered precision fixed welding automation and material handling systems. Linear welding machine system, builder of integrated material handling with welding automation equipment based in the USA. Knowledgeable people in all aspects of mechanized welding automation system building for many industries. Including in house manufacturing capabilities of welding fabrication, machining and engineering of standard and custom automatic linear arc welding systems designs, including part material handling options.


The SSC Controls Company is a leading US manufacturer of foot switches, foot pedals, and TIG foot controls. We offer custom solutions for OEMs, as well as great prices on our standard models. At SSC, we make it easy on you with fast shipping (we usually ship the same or next business day), hassle-free returns, and no account required to order. Made in USA.