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The Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. is different. The Firm’s culture is one of integrity of practice to the profession and excellence in service to the client. Founded in 2008 by a former big-firm litigator who has also worked in government service, the Firm’s focus began and has remained, with a vision of proving high-quality legal services with a client-centered approach.

Over the years we’ve worked a variety of different cases, including:

  • Discrimination & Retaliation Cases – These cases involve any form of discrimination in the workplace, be it gender, race, religious, or any other form of discrimination.
  • Employee Handbooks – These cases involve the violation of specific policies and codes of conduct laid out employee handbooks.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – These cases involve any and all matters related to equal employment opportunities afforded by employers to employees.
  • Confidentiality Agreements – These cases typically involve the drafting and execution of confidentiality agreements between an employer and an employee.
  • Non-Competes – These cases, while similar to confidentiality agreements, deal with non-compete agreements made between an employer and an employee.

When it comes to understanding employment law, there can be a lot of legal complexities to sort through. That’s why the attorneys at Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. have been working with individuals and businesses across Arizona to help them understand their unique situation and apply effective legal strategies that can help them find success. If you need help with an employment law issue, call our firm today.

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Simply put, we know Florida non-compete law backwards and forwards. If you are considering a non-compete attorney, please give us a call at (800) 698-6650.