Vacuum Deposition Coatings Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

Tribo 500 series was specifically developed for the fast paced multiple coating job or in-house coating center where speed of process change over is key to higher utilizations. With up to 6 source positions high value small batch complex multi layer or combinatorial process are simplified. The Tribo series is flexible and highly configurable and upgradeable to cover the full range of standard tribological al coatings.

American Ultraviolet provides effective technical and formulation solutions, production answers, outstanding service, and a range of high quality coatings.

We provide roll to roll process solutions by offering the best-in-class vacuum web coating systems and components. From our R2R series vacuum web coating systems to our sputtering magnetron cathodes, we offer a state-of-the-art application coating laboratory where your vacuum web coating process development can occur while waiting to take ownership of your own Intellivation R2R vacuum web coater including scaling a process or product to production. If your web coating process requires a custom design Intellivation provides exceptional value due to our engineering DNA and experienced team for Large area vacuum coating.

Since 2000 Vacuum Technology & Coating Magazine has been the industry’s leading source for the latest articles, news, and product and service information. Below we describe some of the terms that you will find in a typical issue of VT&C. Vacuum Coating (Vacuum Deposition and Thin Film Deposition) is the process of depositing a film or other material atom by atom or molecule by molecule onto a surface in a low pressure environment or vacuum.

Many flexographic printing rolls are coated before installation into flexographic printing machine to increase the wear life of the surface or bearing sections. Thermal spray coatings are also used to add friction and create grip rolls that ensure proper web pacing. Common flexographic print roller coatings are Tungsten Carbide or ceramic coatings, such as Aluminum Oxide.

Protecticoat is a protective coating that makes your outdoor items look as good as new, while protecting the surface from fading and weathering.