Ultrasonic Metal Welders Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

TECH-SONIC has been an innovative leader in the field of Ultrasonic Metal Welding since its beginning in 1996. The company is exclusively engaged in the development, manufacturing and global distribution of ultrasonic metal welding machines and associated tooling. TECH-SONIC has been serving global companies in electrical, automotive, EV battery, wire harness, cooling system, appliance, HVAC, solar, medical and military industries throughout the world; Our engineers have many years of experience in custom welding systems. The company specializes in designing its automated systems for the customers who seek high productivity, precision welding, and improved quality yields.


Sonics is comprised of the following manufacturing divisions: Plastics Assembly, Liquid Processing, Metal Welding, and Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing. Since its inception in 1969, Sonics & Materials, Inc. has enjoyed over 5 decades of world leadership in the fields of liquid processing and ultrasonic welding, sealing and cutting technology. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified by DQS Inc. and is consistently in the vanguard of industry innovators. Leading the way in research and applied technology, Sonics is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and real world manufacturing solutions, backed by comprehensive technical support and applications expertise.


The Schleuniger Group with its headquarters in Thun (Switzerland) is one of the leading providers for solutions dealing with cable processing. The partnership with TELSONIC AG has the intention of additionally and sustainably reinforcing both companies in their respective market positions and their innovative power. Schleuniger and TELSONIC (in the area of metal welding) are known providers in the value added chain “cable set production for the automobile industry” and deliver primarily the same customers in this area. The Baumer Group is an international leader in the development and manufacturing of sensors, rotary encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. The family company, run by the owner, employs around 2300 employees worldwide in 37 branches and 19 countries. The customers include small, highly-specialized machines and system constructors, large industrial operations and international corporations.


Schunk Sonosystems North America, located in Wilmington, MA, was founded in the United States, in 1986, and is a subsidiary of Schunk Sonosystems, a member of the Schunk Group, headquartered in Heucheleim, Germany. Schunk Sonosystems, combined, are the largest manufacturer of ultrasonic metal welding products worldwide. As a leader in ultrasonic metal welding technology, Stapla offers products, engineering and support services to industry segments including: automotive, appliance (large, small and HVAC), battery (Lithium Ion and others), other electrical segments, solar, and more. Our Wilmington, MA location houses mechanical, electrical, and software engineering; a laboratory for determining the optimum welding parameters of our customers welding needs or the qualification of product produced on our welders; an in house machine shop for production of prototype components and short order replacement parts; and the assembly, testing and shipping of machines wholly produced at this location.


At Rochester Industrial Services, we’re proud to specialize in the repair of all domestic and foreign makes and models of industrial electronic equipment. From power supplies, drives and video display equipment, to ultrasonic, HMI and automation equipment, there’s nothing too simple or complex for our team of expert industrial service techs.