Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Minneapolis

  1. Call or visit our office in the St. Paul – Minneapolis area today to find out we can do to protect your legal rights for you! Need an attorney? Call 651-287-3777 or 763-571-4777 LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PERSONAL INJURY SERVICES CONSULT US FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND EMPLOYMENT CONCERNS PLAN EARLY. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MAKING YOUR WILL TODAY

  2. To schedule a consultation, call 952-448-2800, 507-388-1800, 612-424-6011 or complete our online intake form. We have offices conveniently located throughout the Twin Cities and the Southern metro in Mankato, Chaska and Minneapolis.

  3. 952-473-4530 – You don’t have to go downtown for a strong, experienced personal injury lawyer. Call Schmidt-Salita Law Team for a free consultation.

  4. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 1113 E Franklin Ave Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN 55404

    Phone: (612) 871-1110


  5. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 901 Marquette Ave, 500, Minneapolis, MN 55402

    Phone: (612) 333-4500


  6. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 706 2nd Ave S #140, Minneapolis, MN 55402

    Phone: (612) 375-1707


  7. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 309 Clifton Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

    Phone: (612) 333-5673


  8. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 80 S 8th St #5120, Minneapolis, MN 55402

    Phone: (612) 377-7777


  9. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 3109 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Phone: (612) 236-1320


  10. Wagner, Falconer & Judd, LTD. is a Minneapolis- and Brookfield, Wisconsin–based law firm specializing in business and corporate law, commercial collections, civil litigation and construction law.

  11. The experienced attorneys at Grannis & Hauge, P.A., in Eagan, Minnesota, are dedicated to assisting clients throughout Dakota County. To learn more or to speak with an attorney, call us at 651-456-9000.

  12. Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A., has been a trusted name for Minnesotans since 1963. Call 612-444-5604 to discuss your legal needs with an experienced attorney.

  13. Metro Law Offices has 27+ years of experience and has won millions of dollars for their clients. Our experienced team has handled thousands of cases and offers free consultations!

  14. Located in Chaska, Mankato and Minneapolis. the lawyers at Reitan Law Office, PLLC, have been serving injured and disabled Minnesotans for 35 years. Call us at 952-448-2800.

  15. Injured? Whether you were injured at work, on the road or elsewhere, our firm can help. Meyer, Puklich, & Merriam provides workers’ comp, SSDI and personal injury services to the Twin Cities metro. Call our Eden Prairie office: 952-444-9920

  16. Injured or facing criminal charges? Our team is ready to help! Backed by years of experience, we have recovered millions for our clients. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

  17. Injured in a car accident in Minneapolis? Call the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., at 612-335-9975 to learn how our personal injury lawyers can help.

  18. Have you suffered a personal injury in Minnesota? Call Lindell & Lavoie, LLP, at 612-339-8811 to speak with a skilled injury lawyer in Minneapolis.

  19. Halunen Law is the most successful law firm representing whistleblowers, with over $2.4 billion in recoveries. Offices in Minneapolis, Chicago and Phoenix. Get a free, confidential case review!

  20. For aggressive, experienced personal injury litigation, call an attorney at Yaeger & Weiner Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 612-345-8002. Free consultation.

  21. Call Fay & Associates LLC at 612-333-6900. Free consultations. We serve the Twin Cities metro in personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

  22. At Finn Shapiro LLC, our experienced attorneys handle personal injury, product liability and property claims. Call our Minneapolis office at 612-217-4966.

A lawyer, attorney at law, or attorney, is a professional who is licensed to practice law in a given area or jurisdiction. To “practice law” generally means to represent a client before a court of law, or to give legal advice. Some attorneys may practice in a wide range of areas of the law; others may only specialize in a few or only one area. Attorneys can work in groups (such as in a law firm), with a partner, or by themselves in a solo practice.

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