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  1. 400 L Street, Suite 100 Anchorage, AK 99501 ☎ CONTACT (907) 677-9900 Areas of Practice FAMILY LAW Including divorce, dissolution, child custody, adoption, and emergency and long term protective orders, Pontious Law Offices will work tirelessly for you and your family with understanding and compassion. personal injury

  2. We specialize in bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal law, and we have the experience and competence in all legal affairs to take every measure to protect your rights, both inside the courtroom and out. Conveniently located in Anchorage, we also serve all of Alaska. Don’t hesitate to call us today! Our goal

  3. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 637 A St, Anchorage, AK 99501

    Phone: (907) 677-9393


  4. The Anchorage law firm of Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy provides experienced and trusted representation in personal injury and business matters. Consults in Anchorage, AK: 800-868-6134.

  5. Our Anchorage personal injury lawyer is backed by years of experience and a track record of success. Call today for a free consultation and discuss the details of your case.

  6. Discover why working with the Law Office of Dan Alan in Anchorage, Alaska is ideal for your situation.

  7. Serving Alaskans since 1985, we are devoted to helping families get fair legal help. No fees unless we win your case! Learn more here.

  8. The Law Office of Marc June represents clients throughout Alaska in personal injury matters. Call 907-277-5234 for a free consultation.

  9. The Law Office of Kenneth A. Norsworthy LLC is located in Anchorage, Alaska and serves individuals, families and businesses with legal claims and disputes involving personal injury, military law, insurance, and employment. Schedule an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

  10. Injured? Call the Law Offices of David Henderson for a free consultation with an Anchorage personal injury attorney that has 21+ years’ experience!

  11. The award winning Anchorage personal injury lawyers of Barber and Associates represent victims of all types of injuries. Schedule your 100% FREE consultation today.

  12. The Alaska personal injury attorneys of Crowson Law Group help you get back to what you love. Free consultation. Caring, experienced service. Here 24/7.

A lawyer, attorney at law, or attorney, is a professional who is licensed to practice law in a given area or jurisdiction. To “practice law” generally means to represent a client before a court of law, or to give legal advice. Some attorneys may practice in a wide range of areas of the law; others may only specialize in a few or only one area. Attorneys can work in groups (such as in a law firm), with a partner, or by themselves in a solo practice.

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