Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Akron

  1. With decades of combined experience and a history of consistent success, the personal injury, auto accident and medical malpractice lawyers of Perantinides & Nolan have helped thousands of people in Akron, Canton and Cleveland, Ohio obtain fair and just compensation for their pain and suffering.

  2. The Sandel Law Firm is a full-service personal injury law firm focused on helping accident victims recover the compensation they are due for injuries they suffer. From my law office in Akron, I represent individuals and families throughout Ohio. I am attorney Kevin Sandel.

  3. Personal injury attorney

    Address: 57 S. Broadway Street Third Floor, Akron, OH 44308

    Phone: (330) 376-1440


  4. Personal injury attorney

    Address: PNC Center, #2210, Akron, OH 44308

    Phone: (330) 762-0700


  5. The attorneys at Kampinski & Roberts help people in the Cleveland and Akron metro area who were injured because of another person’s negligence. Call us at 440-569-6846 for a free consultation.

  6. Get the information you need after an accident or injury with help from the Law Offices of Gary L. Himmel in Akron: 330-374-1030.

  7. For help in family law, bankruptcy, personal injury cases or estate planning, call Susan J. Lax R.N., M.S. LLC in Akron at 330-745-1500. Ms. Lax is an attorney and a registered nurse helping people solve their legal problems.

  8. Our attorneys do not try to “do it all.” Rather, we recognize and optimize our strengths in personal injury and insurance litigation.

  9. FolkLaw, bankruptcy attorney Akron, lawyers Akron, personal injury and civil attorneys in Akron, OH

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