Top 5 Protective Coating Companies in Scarborough

Automatic Coating Limited provides expert and versatile finishes for a vast assortment of industrial and consumer products. Contact for more details!

LINE-X® is a global leader in protective coatings development and availability. We are the only franchised network in North America specializing in the.

A new generation protection product “Ceramic Coating” using cutting edge technology. The result is a coating that wont be washed off like a wax.

Ceramic coatings are one of the most effective and popular paint protection methods on the market. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Powder coating is suitable for a wide range of applications with many features and benefits that make it the best choice. We strive to offer the experience and dedication of our company to deliver limitless and unparallel solutions for all your powder coating needs.

Protecticoat is a protective coating that makes your outdoor items look as good as new, while protecting the surface from fading and weathering.