Thin Film Coatings Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

BIO-CHEM™ 330 is a Novolac® resin based coating designed for applications where resistance to aggressive chemical exposure is of paramount importance. The sophisticated resin formula has excellent resistance to acids, acid fumes and a wide variety of solvents.

TFD, Inc. has expanded its technological know-how & capability on a larger scale both in the U.S. & S.E. Asia (Taiwan, Korea & China). TFD has become the industry leader for producing Ultra Smooth TCO’s, such as I.T.O., IZO, AZO, IGZO, I.M.I.T.O.™ Low temperature I.T.O for Plastic & Polymers, Heaters, EMI Shields, Filters, Photovoltaics, and many other coatings.

VaporTech physical vapor deposition (PVD) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) thin-film coatings are designed to enhance the look, feel, functionality, and durability of your products. These PVD coating colors are not simply metal layers. Instead, they are made of materials that combine metal, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, or other elements into a customized coating that can be harder than case-hardened steel, and/or more scratch-resistant than hardened chrome. Our different types of PVD coating colors range from stunning rich black to eco-friendly chrome to metallic blue. We can customize each color and its shade, so it accurately portrays your company’s brand and vision. With coating thicknesses from nanometers to micrometers, high-tolerance parts can be coated with minimal effect on critical dimensions. All of which can be implemented using our PVD coating equipment.

AccuCoat has developed processes that enable us to effectively provide coatings on plastics, including Zeonex, Ultem, and high-index OKP materials with optical thin films that can meet the difficult environmental requirements of today’s MIL-SPECs and ISO specifications. Typical tests include abrasion, humidity and multiday temperature cycling. Wide-angle AR coatings, beamsplitters, and dielectric mirrors are some of the products we have developed for a range of applications from the visible to the IR. Read more in our application note, Coating on Plastic Substrates.

Thin film coatings for all applications. This has been our motto since Optical Filter Source, LLC in Round Rock, TX was founded. Although we still live up to that statement, our company has evolved through the years as a direct result of our valued customers. We are producing coatings for various markets. We do this intentionally to ensure stability in unstable times. Our customers range in size, from small optics shops to fortune-500 companies and government entities.

Protecticoat is a protective coating that makes your outdoor items look as good as new, while protecting the surface from fading and weathering.