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If you have lived or worked in multiple states during the course of your career, you are probably familiar with non-compete agreements in the workplace. In many states, employers are allowed to require new employees to sign a non-competition agreement before being officially hired. These agreements protect employers by preventing employees from divulging trade secrets, sharing information, or working for a competing firm in the future. 

While they are legal in many states, they are strictly prohibited in the state of California. If you have been forced into signing a non-compete agreement or believe you have been discriminated against for not signing a non-compete agreement, you have the right to pursue legal action. At Mann & Elias, our trusted Los Angeles employment lawyers are well-versed in handling dispute cases.

Here is a list of private information that can potentially be disclosed:

  • Clients/customers
  • Methods
  • Pricing
  • Policies
  • Ideas
  • Upcoming projects
  • Marketing tactics
  • Salaries

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