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Attorney Alan Edmunds has been representing clients in the area of Criminal Law in California for over 40 years. Mr. Edmunds was a court appointed attorney for the County of San Diego for several years, handling misdemeanors and felonies. Over the last four decades, Mr. Edmunds and the attorneys from the Edmunds Law Firm have represented many clients who are confronted with criminal law matter. His cases have received national recognition on radio, television and talk shows. Attorney Edmunds has appeared on CBS Evening news.

Attorney Alan Edmunds has been an attorney for 40 years with offices in California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arlington VA, and national clients across the United States and international clients from over 31 countries.

As a San Diego military crime attorney, he has helped clients with both misdemeanor and felony matters. He also handles traffic matters and DMV matters. No case is more important than your case and the Edmunds Law Firm offers professional individual attention to each client.

The Edmunds Law Firm
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He is an accomplished, experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ. UCMJ Attorney Jordan served as an Army prosecutor in Korea and Fort Hood. If you are a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Coast Guardsman, you can trust your case to Attorney Jordan!