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Supplier of fire pumps, fire protection products and hose/standpipe accessories. Fire pumps such as horizontal & vertical mounted pumps, electric motor-driven pumps, diesel engine-driven pumps, steam turbine pumps, jockey pumps and pressure maintenance pumps are available. Fire protection products include ULC & MEA approved pressure reducing valves, main relief valves, suction control valves, backflow preventers, check valves, altitude valves, air release valves and fire extinguishers. Products such as hose rack assemblies, stations, roof manifolds, monitor nozzles, swing bolt assemblies, gaskets, bearings, brass orificed unions and pressure gauges are also available. Fire pump repair & testing, motor repair, and control panel troubleshooting & repair services are available.


Wilmington, DE 19805 | United States

Steven Brown & Associates, Inc.