Solid Film Coatings Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

Some coatings manufacturers are content to just sell. We work with you to make sure you’re always getting the performance level you need. At Sandstrom, you’ll find the long-term, durable coatings you need for exceptional UV light resistance. Want proof? Our scoreboard coating is used by the largest scoreboard company in North America and another coating is specified for the Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) in California. Extreme lacquers. Waterborne acrylic enamels. Primers. You name it, we can deliver—both the product you need and meticulous attention to your unique challenges.

VaporTech physical vapor deposition (PVD) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) thin-film coatings are designed to enhance the look, feel, functionality, and durability of your products. These PVD coating colors are not simply metal layers. Instead, they are made of materials that combine metal, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, or other elements into a customized coating that can be harder than case-hardened steel, and/or more scratch-resistant than hardened chrome. Our different types of PVD coating colors range from stunning rich black to eco-friendly chrome to metallic blue. We can customize each color and its shade, so it accurately portrays your company’s brand and vision. With coating thicknesses from nanometers to micrometers, high-tolerance parts can be coated with minimal effect on critical dimensions. All of which can be implemented using our PVD coating equipment.

60 years of exceptional service and manufacturing of material coating and assembly. Applied Aero Systems supports programs for major companies and is proud of our distinguished track record.

Micro Surface Corporation started out in 1919 as Timesaver Products Company Inc., makers of TimeSaver Lapping Compounds. It served manufacturers for the military and automotive industries with worldwide distribution of its product. Over the years many uses have been found for the compound including lapping bearings, machine tools, molds and more. In the early 1980s, the company was renamed as Micro Surface Corporation to add new technologies to its manufacturing arsenal. Seeing the need to apply dry lubricants in the hi-tech industries, Micro Surface successfully was able to transfer lubricant technology developed by NASA to commercial applications. Since then it has expanded its offerings to include WS2 coating services. The WS2 product was originally developed for the Mariner Space Mission as a permanent lubricant, today it is used on countless applications from gears and bearings to molds and robotics automation.

Matrix Coatings is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered company. We consider ourselves an innovative, forward-thinking company that solves problems where coatings are the solution. Matrix Coatings is the only Licensed Industrial Applicator of Teflon coatings in Florida, and Matrix is a Whitford Recommended Coater as well. We can recommend a coating for your particular end use and provide samples for testing. If you have an existing coating application that needs recoating or have an application that needs to be coated to a specification, Matrix Coatings can serve your needs.

Protecticoat is a protective coating that makes your outdoor items look as good as new, while protecting the surface from fading and weathering.