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Main Products: piezoelectric ceramics material, accelerometer sensor, piezoelectric accelerometer sensor, piezoelectric transducer, instrument

Sinocera Piezotronics Inc was established in 1966.We have a long history.We are one of the largest manufacturer of dynamic test products.Our products are divided into three categories,including 16 series.It’s about 300 varieties.Our products can applied to many fields,such as significant construction of basic infrastructure,scientific researches and teaching.Most of our customers come from all over the world.We have a good reputation among them.We have passed ISO9001. Some of our products have received the certificate for measurement assurance and the explosion proof certificate, Rohs certificate, CE certificate and so on.Sinocera Piezotronics Inc. has the experience in vibration test for about 40 years. We are insisting in the development of national vibration test technology and keeping close cooperation with the domestic and foreign research institutions. We make a great contribution to the vibration test in China. The Incorporation has multiple “the first” achievements, including the first piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first three-way low-frequency high-sensitivity acceleration sensor for seismic surveillance, the first water-cooled high-temperature pressure sensor for engines, the first piezoelectric free-field explosion pressure sensor, the first built-in integrated circuit (IC) amplifier (IEPE) acceleration sensor, the first piezoelectric three-component dynamic force sensor, the first high-temperature (482) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first large-impact (100,000g) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first intelligent TEDS acceleration sensor, the first charge amplifier and programmable charge amplifier which were awarded the only national silver medal, the first multi-function dynamic data unit integrating the pre-posed regulators for charge, strain, IEPE, etc., and the first high-speed dynamic data acquisition system adopting IEEE1394A interfaces. Sinocera Piezotronics has already created and will create more “the first” in China.

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Jiangsu, China