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Main Products: LNG plant, CO2 Plant, LNG Filling Station Skid-Mounted, Air Separation Plant, Chemical Plant

Shanghai Sureway Industrial Company limited is a chemical engineering company engaged in production technology development, technology transfer, engineering design, complete set of equipment supply and installation of chemical products and gaseous products. Our company has advanced sulfur chemicals and gaseous products production technologies, to provide customers with mature production technology and turn-key project.Our company has advanced technology of multi-component gas liquefaction and separation. According to the components of various mixed gases and target product requirements, we provide technical process package and complete set of equipment for customers. For example, air separation plant, natural gas liquefaction(LNG) Plant, biogas separation equipment, industrial gas recovery equipment, and so on. Among them, our carbon dioxide production technology is in the lead of the world, and has been highly appraised by the experts all over the world. It has gained more than ten national patents, which have brought great economic and social benefits to enterprises using this technology.Our sulfur chemicals engineer team has engaged in sulfur chemical industry production, R&D for more than twenty years. We have complete set of mature and advanced sulfur chemicals production technology, and provided technical process package and technical transformation for more than twenty enterprises all over the world. Through continuous improvement, at present, our technology is the most comprehensive and perfect. For example, liquid sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, sodium hydrosulfite, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, sodium sulfide, and other sulfur chemicals production technology.In addition, our company also has mature production technology of sodium formate, hydrogen peroxide, synthetic ammonia and urea, the customer’s resource characteristics and requirement, we can scheme out the best technical process, and provide customer with complete technical process package, complete set of production equipment, and turn-key project, and ensure that the whole set of equipment commission successfully only by one time.Your truely needs, in exchange for our reliable scheme. Your choice, in return for your success.

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