Safety Sling Co., Inc. | United States

Distributor of standard and custom industrial lifting and rigging equipment, products and supplies. Products include wire rope, wire rope slings, mesh woven wire slings, chains, aircraft cables, blocks, fall arrest, suspension, rescue systems, chain hoists, rope grabs, lifelines, load indicators, sheaves, winches, web slings, round slings, cable cutters, buttons, threaded studs, tubing, pipe hooks, tie downs, adjustable length rope slings and bridles, sleeves, sockets, twines, com-a-longs, braid ropes, winch lines, stringing and pulling lines, clips, hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, hoist rings, swivels and thimbles. Products are available in different materials, styles, configurations and sizes and can be customized. Services include sling inspections, safety seminars, consultation, proof testing and sling certification.


Safety Sling Co., Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA 15233 | United States