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For a non-compete agreement to be an effective tool, it must be enforceable. A non-compete agreement that entirely prevents a former employee from pursuing a living in his or her chosen vocation will not be enforced. For example:

  • A restriction that prevented mobile disc jockey employees from engaging in competitive activities for 2 years after termination within a 50 mile radius of Phoenix was unenforceable. The primary reason was because it only took 14 weeks to hire and train a new employee.
  • A restriction that prevented a pest control employee from competing for 2 years in the entire Tucson metropolitan area was also not upheld because there was no showing of actual loss by the employer due to the fact there were 55 competitors and because the employer’s business was not unique.
  • A non-compete agreement that prevented the former employee from competing for 6 months in the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, however was enforced because it was limited to a narrow industry mattress superstores and thus allowed the former employee to continue to earn a living in mattress sales, just not with a superstore.

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