Robert H. Wager Co., Inc. | United States

Manufacturer of inverted vent check valves, deck drains, sounding tubes & smoke opacity meters. Marine products such as inverted & vertical vent check valves, tank air escape valves, semi-circular valves, horizontal vent valves, in-line valves, sounding tubes & plugs, anti symphonic valves, air check valves, deck drains, smoke indicators & emissions monitors & boiler accessories are available. Opacity meters include portable heavy duty opacity meters, in-line systems, locomotive meters & industrial stacks. Types of sewer vent valves include sewer vent check valves, vertical vent check valves, odor control valves, mushroom check valves & air release odor control valves. Distributor of multi gas analyzers & brake meters. Marine products & opacity meters can be customized as per specifications.


Robert H. Wager Co., Inc.

Rural Hall, NC 27045 | United States