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The main profile of RILLEX is manufacturing removable, reusable thermal insulating sleeves, fittings and jackets, mattresses from high quality thermal insulating materials, durable technical fabric. Product are Fire and Oil Proof Steam Insulation Pipe Sleeves, Thermal Insulation Sleeves, Pipe Insulation Jackets, Mattresses, Extreme Heat Sleeve (650ºC), Exhaust Insulation Sleeves, for Pipes, Valves, Filters, Side Valves, Flanges, Pumps. Industries: Automobile, Nuclear plants, Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Gas, Pharmaceutical, Boiler houses, Heat production suppliers, Steam pipes… Our thermal insulation products reach up to 1850°C. Industrial fire resistant textiles up to 1100°C. Rillex was est. in 2014, Guarantees ISO 9001 quality, EU aproved materials and a Multilingual Team. Using our products Your Energy Saving may be up to 20-50%. Overall cost cutting up to 50%* beacuse of easy implementation. We offer Organic fillings* and an expertise in material selection to protect: Labour, Environment, Equipment, Processes Designing Non-Traditional solutions. RILLEX provides free samples for testing! Provides references of past projetcs! We design and manufacture, DIN and Non-Standard thermal insulation sleeves and mattresses and we love these challenges! Industrial textiles can be used for fire protection, welding curtains, filters, tank casings etc.

Turbine thermal insulation casing

Thermal insulation casing

Tarpaulin for use in a nuclear power station

Rail car corridor connector

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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation sleeve

Thermal insulation

Boilers, industrial

Thermal insulation materials

Heat protection fire protection

thermal insulation for motor vehicles

steam turbine casings



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