Psychologists in Surprise Arizona and Atlanta, GA

TEAM4Kids addresses parents’ concerns by offering effective feeding therapy for infants and children who are picky eaters, aiming to enhance their feeding habits and nutritional intake. They encourage parents to reach out for support and services tailored to their children’s needs.

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers in Surprise, Arizona, specialize in ABA therapy among other services for children with autism. They emphasize the importance of early diagnostic assessments to tailor therapy programs effectively.

Shawn Foltz-Emmons, PhD, based in Phoenix, AZ, specializes in sports psychology, depression, anxiety, OCD, and more, providing tailored psychological support to help individuals overcome their challenges.

Dr. Kaffer and her team at KafferPsych offer support for various life stages and challenges, including infertility, pregnancy/postpartum, early motherhood, and stressors related to first responder/military life, ensuring personalized and insightful therapy sessions.

Arizona Autism is recognized as a leading pediatric therapy agency in Arizona, offering a comprehensive range of care and assistive services for children with developmental delays and challenges, supporting families throughout their journey.

Action Behavior Centers in Surprise – Dysart, AZ, lead in providing ABA therapy, focusing on helping children with autism achieve their highest potential through individualized and effective therapeutic approaches.

BlueSprig offers compassionate, individualized ABA therapy care for children with autism in Surprise, AZ, emphasizing personalized strategies to support children’s development and well-being.

Christian Counseling Services AZ provides support for individuals experiencing life-changing events, offering qualified therapists to assist in navigating these challenges with empathy and professional guidance.

Arizona Child Psychology is a multidisciplinary psychology and counseling practice serving children, adolescents, young adults, and parents in the Greater Phoenix area, focusing on a wide range of psychological and developmental issues.

Best Within You Therapy & Wellness, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, distinguishes itself as a boutique psychology practice that prioritizes the holistic well-being of its clients. Offering a wide array of specialized counseling services, the practice caters to individuals grappling with challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and various eating-related issues, among others. Their commitment to providing personalized care is evident through individualized therapy approaches, which are thoughtfully tailored to each client’s unique goals, strengths, and life circumstances.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Rebecca Leslie, the founder and a licensed psychologist, the practice extends its services beyond the confines of Atlanta, utilizing telehealth to reach clients across over 35 states. This approach not only speaks to the practice’s adaptability in meeting clients where they are but also underscores their dedication to making mental health support more accessible. With a team of highly trained psychologists and dietitians, Best Within You Therapy & Wellness is not just about addressing mental health issues; it’s about nurturing a supportive environment where clients can embark on a journey towards recovery, growth, and ultimately, discovering the best within themselves.

Psychologist in Atlanta

A psychologist is a professional who studies mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and to their environments. They apply their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help diagnose, treat, and prevent mental health issues, emotional difficulties, and behavioral problems.

Psychologists often specialize in various areas, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psychology, among others. They use a range of techniques and therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoanalysis, humanistic therapy, and other approaches to help individuals, couples, families, and groups improve their mental health and well-being.

Unlike psychiatrists, who are medical doctors (MDs) capable of prescribing medication, psychologists typically hold a doctoral degree in psychology (Ph.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D.) and are trained in psychotherapy, psychological testing, and providing treatments that do not involve medication. In many countries, psychologists are required to be licensed or registered to practice and provide psychological services to the public.