PRONAJEM-NADRZI.CZ company was founded in early 2012 based on a new concept of business. The aim of the management is offering comprehensive services in the areas of own resources of fuel, by renting aboveground diesel and gasoline tanks. The reason for this progressive method of exploitation of fuel is the fact that we are trying to control the costs of providing for these stocks , mainly due to the unfavorable development of the economic situation in the market , which unfortunately does not have a positive outlook . Another part of our activity is the operation of electronic specialty store that provides our customers with convenient service not only in petrol stations , workshops, industrial facilities , garages, warehouses, oil management , etc. The site , however, you can find the complete equipments, lighting mobile containers , bins , signage and many other operationally necessary accessories required by FRS example , IBP , health and safety or environmental protection .

Field of activity

Industrial equipment hire

Storage accessories

industrial equipment



E. Podgorneho 149/20
700 30 Ostrava – Czech Rep.