Perma-Type Rubber | United States

Manufacturer of rubber products & assemblies including inflatable pipe plugs for oil, gas and water pipelines, ductwork & floor drains and foreign material exclusion (SME). Plugs can be fabricated from natural rubber, nitrile (Buna-N), EPDM or butyl rubber. Sizes available from 2 in. dia. through 60 in. dia. inflatable bladders; ostomy supplies; rubber bulbs (latex, neoprene & PVC- including plastic, push-button air release valves or metal, turn-type airflow control valves); tank bladders; bulb with bladder assemblies; lumbar bladders. Prototypes & production runs. Cloth covers available for all products. No minimum order requirement.

Custom Manufacturer

Perma-Type Rubber

Plainville, CT 06062-1101 | United States