Stamping and cutting company for packing precision-stamped parts made by all the top manufacturers using single- and double-sided tapes. Production of adhesive tapes from all renowned manufacturers in reels from 3 mm to 1550 mm. Production of laminates and composite materials using almost every flexible material in reels and sheets. Packaging tailor-made to the materials we supply, including precision-stamped parts, laminates and composite materials, reels or sheets. Advice and solutions regarding complex, customer-specific bonding problems. The tapes that we sell include those by the following manufacturers: Orafol, AFTC, Avery Dennison, Scapa, Tesa, 3M. Our products: self-adhesive polyethylene foam, industrial adhesive tapes, technical adhesive tapes, self-adhesive stamped parts, double-sided adhesive tapes for industrial production, self-adhesive films, self-adhesive silicone tapes, adhesive films for the automotive industry, adhesive dots and more.

Am Forst 30,
74889 Sinsheim GERMANY

Tapes, adhesive

Bands, woven – industrial

Self-adhesive silicon tapes

Kapton® tapes

Self-adhesive films

Adhesive dots

Anti-slip products

Adhesive tape for installation protection

Film tapes

Fabric ribbons