Ms. Daryl G. Weinman

I am a board certified family law attorney practicing in Austin, Texas. I have been licensed and practicing in Austin since 1994 and I have been board certified in family law since 2000. My firm has 3 associate attorneys, all working toward board certification, but also practicing exclusively family law, and I have 3 paralegals, all board certified in family law, with an average career of over 25 years. We pride ourselves in helping our clients navigate this difficult time in their lives and to work toward unique solutions for their unique families. We have all been through family law litigation in some capacity in our own lives, and can sympathize on a personal level with our clients. I personally am the child of divorce, was a second wife and step-mother, I am a mother of two teenage boys, and I am divorced myself. I know what it feels like to sit in the chair of my clients. My goal is to help them get through the process with as few scars as possible. I try to help them work through their fears and anxieties, get them with professionals who can help them plan for their future, and to be available to answer all of their questions along the way.

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