Military Attorneys in Massachusetts

Baxley, founding attorney at JAG Defense and former member of the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps, offers expert legal services in military law.

Law Offices of Stephen Neyman in Boston provide defense for individuals accused or charged with crimes in Massachusetts, ensuring experienced legal representation.

Altman & Altman LLP in Boston offers free consultations for criminal defense cases, with experienced attorneys available 24/7 to handle legal issues.

James Milligan, a top-rated attorney in Massachusetts, specializes in DWI DUI OUI defense and is board certified in this area of law.

Altman & Altman LLP in Cambridge provides personal attention and thorough representation in criminal defense, leveraging extensive experience in the field.

David Yannetti’s law firm in Boston offers a free case evaluation, promising top-rated criminal defense across Massachusetts with offices in multiple cities.

Nate Amendola Defense in Massachusetts specializes in resolving OUI, domestic violence, drug, and other criminal cases, also focusing on mitigation strategies.

Jack Diamond Law Offices offer free consultations for those facing OUI or other criminal charges in Massachusetts, providing committed legal support.

William J. Barabino in Medford, MA, defends individuals charged in criminal courts across a wide range of cases, emphasizing protection and strong defense.

Adam Russell at Russell Defense Firm handles even the most challenging criminal cases in Massachusetts, offering skilled defense based on extensive legal knowledge.

Serpa Law Office in Boston provides strong defense for those involved in restraining order or 209A abuse prevention cases in Massachusetts.

H. Ernest Stone in Massachusetts offers high-quality legal defense and addresses underlying issues that may contribute to the client’s legal situation.

Reardon Joyce & Akerson, associated with the Massachusetts Police Association Legal Defense Fund, provides experienced legal defense since 1974.

The Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts offers legal representation for those unable to afford private attorneys, enhancing the state’s defense bar.

Serpa Law Office in Boston represents individuals in criminal defense cases, providing aggressive legal strategies and free consultations.

Allyn & Ball Attorneys at Law serve clients in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, focusing on criminal defense across various counties.

Daniel Cappetta, a domestic violence defense lawyer in Framingham, MA, assists clients with sensitive cases, ensuring detailed and compassionate legal support.

Contant Law, P.C. in Woburn, MA, prioritizes client-focused services in criminal defense, striving for practical outcomes and personalized legal strategies.

Kate Frame in Massachusetts specializes in defending against sex crime allegations, offering experienced legal counsel and personalized defense strategies.

Matthew Gilman in Massachusetts focuses on DUI defense and dealing with license suspensions, providing expert legal advice and representation in these areas.

Joseph Jordan, Attorney at Law, is based out of the Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood) and Killeen, Texas area. He is an accomplished, experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ. He believes in and seeks out Justice for Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen and Marines worldwide. Attorney Joseph Jordan founded Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law in October 2011 and, since, has defended service members against violations of the UCMJ. He is an accomplished trial lawyer, successfully leveraging his experience as a former Army prosecutor to the benefit of his military clients.