Lisa N. Kaufman

I am a trademark/copyright law who began my career as a Trademark Attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Following my career at the USPTO, I served as in-house trademark counsel at Ralston Purina Company where I protected such famous trademarks as PURINA, DOG CHOW, and TWINKIES, and then at Borden, Inc. where I was protector of ELSIE THE COW, ELMER’S GLUE, among other famous trademarks, and later at Boost Mobile. Subsequently I worked at law firms, both large and small, where I continued to practice trademark, copyright, and unfair competition law. For several years now I have been a solo practitioner where my practice is focused on trademark, copyright, and unfair competition law. I work with clients both large small, international, and domestic. I help clients all over the world protect their trademarks and copyrights. I conduct trademark searches and clearances, handle trademark and copyright applications, as well as the maintenance of trademark registrations. In addition, I draft and negotiate license agreements and other intellectual property contracts. Where necessary, I prepare cease and desist letters and follow up with litigation, both in federal courts and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board at the USPTO.

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