We are a team of professionals who can offer complete solutions from design to commissioning work of your ideas and concepts. So far we have resolved any challenge issued by the architects managed to carry out the ideas. The products offered are not only quality, but are also architectural glass products to market innovative solution providing any requests from you. Thanks to the experience you can contact us to realize your projects office. We offer a wide range of solutions for glass walls from wall to wall double plated simple and laminated safety glass. Glass doors can be double or simple glass timber, they can and mounted on aluminum frames or frames without shock absorbers. Office furniture in order to have collaborations with companies that can offer complete solutions. That we can provide complete solutions we believe that your choice to move to us. For residential area we offer a wide range of solutions and products. Among the products offered: showers according to customer needs safety glass 8 mm or 10 mm, solder glass painted on the walls that can successfully replace tiles, making railings, steps and floors laminated glass and secure. Also we can provide solutions for all systems glass balconies closures or aluminum and PVC. Any other product you can think of.

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