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HKM is a national employment law firm that represents individuals and workers in all aspects of employment law.  Employment law is a complex area of law, requiring the expertise of an attorney who is highly trained in the field.  Our employment law firm at HKM Employment Attorneys offers a wide array of talent to fully represent your employment interests.

Non-competition agreements, typically referred to as non-compete agreements, are promises made by an employee not to compete against their employer during and/or after the employment relationship has ended. Non-compete agreements can take a variety of forms and can be included as either a clause in an employment contract, or as a stand-alone agreement into which an employee enters at anytime during the employment process.

Before entering into any contract that creates an employment relationship, employees should have their employment contracts reviewed by an attorney. Not doing so could result in an illegal non-compete clause being slipped into an employment contract. For an employee, employment contracts must be reviewed in order to understand what the employee can and cannot do during the employment relationship and after it ends.


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