(F Doors) Steel Doors & Fire DoorsFazilpasa Cd. Ailebahce Litrosyolu SkN. 2 Feza Is Hani. Topkapi – 34100 Istanbul / TurkeyTel. 0090 212 4800041 / 0090 212 8551677Fax. 0090 212 8557716export@feza.com.tr info@feza.com.trwww.feza.com.trFeza Steel Door constructed in order to meet the requirements of Automobile Ancillary Industry in 1976. Steel door manufacturing started on the year 1990.Our factory has 7500 m² indoor area and 2500 m² outdoor area, totally 11000 m² area.We have passed to Italian Steel Door Lock System on 1994 and We are succesfuly applying and continuing it.Our factory established the system on steel door production, tack welding robot systems for the first time in Turkey.And we are the first Co. in Turkey which applying succesfully Central Lock System running with Fingerprint on steel doors and presents our customers service.Feza steel doors has created differences with its aesthetics and security in market.Feza steel doors principle is to respond with abou

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Steel Door

Steel Door with Copper Designed Leaf


Doors, reinforced and fireproof – industrial

shafts doors

stainless steel doors

fire doors

wooden door

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FEZA CELIK KAPI, MURAT UZAK (F Doors) Steel Doors Fazilpasa Cd. Ailebahce Litrosyolu Sk N. 2 Feza Is Hani. To
34100 Topkapi/istanbul – Turkey