Engine Bore Internal Diameter Coating Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

Most companies struggle to find the perfect coating and a service provider that delivers the consistent and reliable performance their products deserve. Armorlube’s advanced coating technology and passionate commitment to customer care help companies constantly exceed customer expectations. Let us help you get back to focusing on making and selling a great product with the perfect coating and support you deserve, whether you need access to external or internal coating equipment.

The automotive industry faces ongoing challenges meeting fuel efficiency, reliability, and cost targets. To address fuel efficiency challenges in internal combustion engines, OEM manufacturers are evaluating technology advances in multiple areas including reduction of piston assembly friction. For example, Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated piston rings are deployed in some production vehicles for friction reduction and wear performance improvements. However, traditional vacuum deposition methods limit DLC coatings to external surfaces and require long, multi-hour coating cycles to deposit the thinnest of coatings. InnerArmor technology applies DLC coatings on internal surfaces, deposits over 150 times faster, and still delivers strong friction, wear, and corrosion performance. Leveraging this performance on the assembly line, InnerArmor DLC coatings enable parent bore aluminum engine blocks, eliminate the cost and weight of cast iron liners, and deliver 2%+ fuel efficiency improvement.


We custom-design VaporTech VT-Functional™ PVD coatings to make your critical components last longer, operate more efficiently due to lower friction, withstand high temperatures, and resist corrosion. Our finishes, deposited by our VaporTech coating systems are not just metal but new materials made by reacting chromium, titanium, zirconium, or other metals with oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon. A VT-Functional coating can improve the hardness and durability of even the hardest, heat-treated steel. Our black and chrome-alternative options make trim look great, too.


C-Lube is a thermally cured Dry Film Lubricant designed to provide high-pressure lubrication to surfaces subject to sliding, rotating, or oscillating motion such as piston skirts and gears. The coating is also designed to aid in the more even transfer of heat, reducing hot spots. C-Lube applies in a thin film that allows the coating to be burnished to a film less than .0003” in thickness, allowing extremely tight clearances to be utilized. It may be pre-burnished prior to installation/assembly of a part or will burnish during operation. C-Lube contains special lubricating ceramic fillers increasing the wear resistance and lubricity of the coating. The low 350°F cure temperature allows for the coating to be used on a variety of substrates. C-Lube may be used on both wet and non-wetted surfaces. C-Lube is a water-based material that contains no hazardous solvents.


We spray parts in the Benicia Industrial Park in the North-Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. Major oil refineries, steelworks, and other industrial sites are our neighbors and clients. We make the jobs of plant managers and maintenance personnel easier by the timely delivery of quality coatings that improve the performance of machines, vessels and structures. We are committed to providing the best quality coatings by using the most advanced technologies in high-velocity thermal spraying and surface engineering.


Protecticoat is a protective coating that makes your outdoor items look as good as new, while protecting the surface from fading and weathering.