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Elisa Maloff Reiter provides value-added legal representation throughout the entire divorce process. Our firm combines the skills you would find at a boutique firm with efficiency in handling your case.Whether you are enjoying your golden years or facing division of complex assets that include a business, you need an attorney who works expediently and effectively. Need help with parental alienation issues? Mrs. Reiter can help. LGQBT issues? Mrs. Reiter can help. Navigating a divorce for those in their golden years? Mrs. Reiter can help. Navigating a divorce at the height of your earning power? Mrs. Reiter can help. Modifying an old Decree regarding access, powers or child support? Mrs. Reiter can help. Enforcing a Decree or Modification Order? Mrs. Reiter can help.When you come to The Law Offices of Elisa Maloff Reiter, you meet with the founder of our law firm. You will work with a compassionate and caring attorney. When you enter the courtroom, you will witness firsthand a skilled and successful litigator who will employ all resources to secure the best possible results. In mediation and collaborative law settings, she will skillfully navigate you through the process.Prior to opening her law firm, Elisa Maloff Reiter worked for Ike Vanden Eykel, one of the top family law litigators in Dallas. She truly learned from the best while building a network of respected experts. Whether you are dealing with the division of large estates or small, or are grappling with parental alienation, she will call upon her colleagues in industries that range from mental health to forensic accounting, as needed, to move you forward toward resolution. The right choice? Elisa Reiter.

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