DryWoodMesh® is specifically shaped aluminum drying wood mesh used for interlacing the layers of wooden lamellas or wooden veneers in the drying kiln. The DryWoodMesh® replaces the wooden bars, wooden stickers and wooden spacers and brings many advantages thanks to controlled air flow in the kiln during wood drying process.-Extremely fast drying system of wooden lamellas-Significantly reduced production costs-Fundamentally improved quality of dried lamellas-Highly reduced production and delivery time-Extremely reduced number of wooden logs needed to be kept in stock-Significant reduction of wooden waste-Greatly reduced drying time -Perfectly straight lamellas after dryingWith DryWoodMesh® you can cut your wood approximately to the final thickness of the wooden lamellas prior to kiln drying. Drying thinner wood lamellas results in less induced stresses and provides more uniform moisture content gradients during the kiln drying proces. Introducing DryWoodMesh® to your facility can be used also as an impulse for automation of manipulation the wood and the interlacing DryWoodMesh®.

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