DORAFLOOR RAISED FLOOR SYSTEMSDoraFloor Raised Floor SystemsDora Plus Yapı Sanayi A.Ş, which has been serving in the fields of construction contracting and architecture for years and is the solution partner of the biggest of the sector, also serves as a manufacturer with 100% domestic and national subsidiaries in the field of raised floor systems.Most of the manufacturer of raised floor types, some of them as Turkey distributor, without deviating from the quality, are raised floor systems and application services, the most reasonable prices.DoraFloor, one of the largest producers in the sector with its wide range of products in Calcium Sulphate Core, Concrete Core, Chipboard Core and Quadpan panel types, manufactures in its factory located in Istanbul Başakşehir İkitelli’Orgsnize Sansyi region and stores it on the warehouse in the same location.Doraflo which is one of the world’s best manufacturer of raised floor systems, raised floor panels produced in the whole of Turkey and provide added value for our country, selling all over the world.What are Raised Floor Systems? Raised floor systems or raised floor systems are the process of building a second floor in addition to the floor of the department, often used in workplaces and offices. What distinguishes this floor from the other floor is that it can be raised between 10 and 120 cm optionally. By placing electrical, air-conditioning, network cables between this raised floor and the normal floor of the building, without

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