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We help with contracts. You may need different types of contracts in your business. As an employer, you will want to know your options related to non-compete agreements, and many businesses will also need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to use when revealing confidential company information or entering into sensitive negotiations. Of course, employers also need employment agreements (or independent contractor agreements) to be legally sound—after determining whether an employment or independent contractor relationship is appropriate. We also assist with joint venture agreements, operating agreements, consulting agreements, sales agreements, sales contracts and other structural agreements needed for a concern to operate soundly.

Employee Non-Compete Agreement Attorneys in Arizona

If you were required to sign a non-compete agreement at your place of employment, the employee non-compete agreement attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC can help you determine if this non-compete agreement is enforceable or not, and may even help fight it should the circumstances warrant it. We are Arizona best employee non-compete agreement attorneys and we work tirelessly to come to a resolution that suits you. For more information, contact us today to find out how our non-compete agreement lawyers can help you. Trust Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC assist you with your non-compete agreement case in Arizona.

At Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC we have extensive experience handling both the drafting and the enforcement of non-compete agreements. Let us help you protect your business with enforceable non-compete agreements from drafting them to litigating them with help from an Arizona business law firm. For trusted attorneys who are well versed in Arizona non-compete contract laws, contact Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC today.

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