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However, there are six important exceptions to this general rule. A non-compete agreement can be valid in Alabama if the agreement is in writing, is signed by both parties, is supported by adequate consideration, and the agreed-upon restraint involves one of the following types of permissible restrictive covenants:

  • If the employee’s position is uniquely essential to the management or organization of the business,
  • If the agreement is to limit certain commercial dealings to deals between the contracting parties,
  • If the non-compete agreement is associated with the sale of a business,
  • If the agreement not to compete is limited to a specific geographic area and the restraint lasts for no more than two years,
  • If the agreement is to not solicit the business’ current customers and the restraint lasts for no more than 18 months, or
  • If the agreement is made between business partners in anticipation of the dissolution of their business and the restraint prohibits them from conducting a similar business within a specified geographic area.

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