Cannabidiol Cbd Extraction Services in US

Imperial CBD Extraction is the first fully licensed, GMP certified hemp processor in California. We are a CBD and CBG distillate, isolate, and broad-spectrum distillate manufacturer. Imperial CBD Extraction specializes in processing hemp biomass to sweet crude, distillate, isolate as well as remediation of THC, pesticides, and heavy metals. We are the leading cannabis extraction company in California, providing premiere hemp extraction services to farmers, resellers, and customers. Imperial CBD Extraction also does formulations, white-label, branding, and sales of end products.

John’s eldest child, Ben, graduated from the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado at Boulder in 2017 and quickly got involved in the CBD industry, working for, and eventually owning half of a CBD product manufacturing company in the greater Denver area. Impressed with Ben’s company’s success, John floated the idea of starting a new company in Wisconsin. Although Ben was happy in Colorado, he had his sights on something bigger: a vertically integrated CBD company that grew and processed its own hemp, manufactured products in a high-tech laboratory, and sold product with the help of an experienced staff.

Cannabis Centrifuges develops and manufactures safe and efficient technologies for the cannabis and hemp (oil) extraction and processing industry. Customers benefit from botanical extraction equipment with effective process solutions in centrifugation, filtration and drying. Cannabis Centrifuges is a division of the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group with its brands COMBER, BOLZ-SUMMIX, HEINKEL and JONGIA.

Here at Ag Marvels, we’re cultivating quality. As a first mover and pioneer in the hemp industry in Michigan, we continue to believe in the life-enhancing power of the plant and the importance of paving the way for its future success and growth. We are real, Michigan based farmers and scientists with a passion for hard work and the hemp plant, and the drive to continue reaching higher. As we’ve navigated the industry waters and grown our knowledge over the years, we are extremely proud to have built one of the largest and thriving hemp processing operations in the United States that does business both nationally and internationally.

The SLO Cooker™ solid-liquid oil extraction system is available as licensable CO2 extraction technology or as an engineered-to-order and fabricated system. Engineered-to-order systems employ one or more proprietary or patents-pending aspects of our Smart Extraction™ technology platform. The SLO Cooker uses only safe, preferably natural, and non-toxic green chemistry.